Conference on

Harmonic maps

from Monday 15 May to Thursday 18 May 2017.
at the Centre UCPA des Abers, 29870 Landeda

The main scientific theme will be harmonic maps but topics gravitating around the same ideas will also be welcome.
It will gather about twenty harmonic map specialists.


Monday 15 Tuesday 16 Wednesday 17 Thursday 18
9h30-10h30 L. Hauswirth
''Singular harmonic map problem and rigidity
of minimal surfaces in Heisenberg space''
S. Dragomir
''Linearized field equations of the
Heisenberg group''(slides)
R. Pacheco
''Harmonic spheres in outer symmetric spaces,
their canonical elements and
Weierstrass-type representations''(slides)
10h30-11h00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11h00-12h00 S. Gudmundsson
''Biharmonic functions from
classical compact simple Lie groups'' (slides)
V. Branding
''The supersymmetric nonlinear sigma model:
Harmonic maps coupled to spinor fields''
H. Urakawa
''Harmonic and biharmonic
immersions and submersions''(slides)
Y.L. Ou
''Some recent work on biharmonic
and f-biharmonic maps''(slides)
12h45-14h00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14h00-14h30 Y.X. Dong
''On (H,H)-harmonic maps between
pseudo-Hermitian manifolds and their applications'' (slides)
B. Dioos
''Sequences of harmonic maps
to the 3-sphere''(slides)
14h30-15h30 M. Soret
''Some new properties of
minimal surfaces in R^4''
M. Svensson ''Harmonic maps into G_2/SO(4)
and their twistor lifts''(slides)
Excursion End of the conference
15h30-16h30 Coffee break Coffee break Excursion
16h30-17h00 D. Fetcu
''Constant mean curvature
biharmonic surfaces'' (slides)
S. Nistor
''Biconservative surfaces in
Riemannian manifolds''(slides)
17h00-18h00 A. Siffert
''Harmonic self-maps of
cohomogeneity one manifolds''
A. Upadhyay
''Some classification results on
biconservative hypersurfaces''(slides)
19h30-20h30 Dinner DinnerConference dinner


Talks and meals will take place at the centre

Participants will be accommodated at the centre and nearby hotels.

Two-star hotel
Libenter, the four-star hotels Baie des Anges or Clos de Tromenec.

More details can be found on the first announcement.

If the weather's fine, the excursion will be on Fort Cezon


P. Baird (Univ. Brest, France)

G. Bande (Univ. Cagliari, Italy)

M. Benyounes (Univ. Brest, France)

V. Branding (Univ. Vienna, Austria)

B. Dioos (Univ. Leuven, Belgium)

Y.X. Dong (Univ. Fudan, China)

S. Dragomir (Univ. Basilicata, Italy)

D. Fetcu (Tech. Univ. Iasi, Romania)

E. Ghandour (Univ. Brest, France)

Z. Ghazo-Hanna (Univ. Brest, France)

S. Gudmundsson (Univ. Lund, Sweden)

A. Hadjar (Univ. Mulhouse, France)

L. Hauswirth (Univ. Marne-la-Vallee, France)

E. Loubeau (Univ. Brest, France)

S. Montaldo (Univ. Cagliari, Italy)

S. Nistor (Univ. Iasi, Romania)

J. Oliver (Univ. Leeds, UK)

C. Oniciuc (Univ. Iasi, Romania)

Y.-L. Ou (Univ Texas A & M, USA)

R. Pacheco (Univ. Beira Interior, Portugal)

A. Siffert (Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany)

M. Soret (Univ. Tours, France)

M. Svensson (Univ. Odense, Denmark)

A. Upadhyay (Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India)

H. Urakawa (Univ. Tohoku, Japan)

M. Ville (Univ. Tours, France)

J.C. Wood (Univ. Leeds, UK)

G. Yang (Univ. Huazhong, China)